Eye Care Massage

Eye Care Massage

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Eye Care Massage
Have a quick two minutes? Take a little break to soothe your eyes with an eye massage. If you work on the computer for an extended period of time, or do other detailed-demanding work, you probably find that your eyes get tired before the day is done. Your concentration is likely to wander since the focus shifts to your eyes rather than the task at hand.

Why Practice Eye Care with an Eye Massage?
Tired eyes can be due to dry eyes since your eyes are fixated on a specific task where you go from blinking an average of 15 – 20 times per minute to 3 – 4 times per minute. This can strain your eye, leading to redness and fatigue.

Relieve tired or dry eyes by doing a self-massage to help increase blood circulation to the eye area and release muscle tension. The eye exercise below can be used daily to encourage healthy habits and to reap the benefits of soothing eye care.


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It can also be used as beauty therapy; it massages the facial muscles thus enhancing beauty. It eliminates dark rings and wrinkles around the corners of the eyes, thus making you look younger. It also relieves insomnia (Difficulty in falling asleep) by inducing a state of deep relaxation that allows for restful nights.

This Eye Massager is a product of Eternal Biotechnology Company Limited, China, manufacturers of high quality healthcare products. The company adopts the world’s most advanced production technology derived from extensive science and technology research in the production of the massager.

Who Can Use the Massager?
Office workers, teachers, students and all those who suffer short-sightedness, eye strain due to overuse of brain and eyes through constant reading or wearing of glasses. It is also ideal for people whose work involves constant use of computers and these include journalists, accountants, computer operators, computer graphic designers, IT engineers, etc. It is also good for factory operators and people who drive for long hours.

Eye Massaging Devices
Typically, the eye massager is shaped like an eye mask with a remote control attached to it. The mask massages the eye sockets, temples, muscles, and pressure points around the eyes. These massage devices are designed to block out light so users can relax and rest their eyes.

Based on acupressure techniques, massaging the eye area can increase oxygen to the eyes and brain. Using kneading or rolling compression, along with heat, the device can simulate blood flow and reduce eye fatigue.

An eye massage uses gentle compression to reduce stress in the eye sockets and temples. Airbags gently inflate and deflate against sore areas to help reduce pain and tension. Muscles around the eye sockets are also relaxed with heat and compression to alleviate soreness.

People who use computers daily or read for long periods of time may benefit from using an eye massager. It generally uses a combination of vibration, heat, and compression to relieve tension in and around the eye area. The user can usually determine the length and intensity of the massage by using the remote control.

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