Skin Analyzer Plus

Skin Analyzer Plus

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Skin Analyzer Plus

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We’re excited to introduce you to the QSun Skin Analyzer, a new feature that analyzes your skin health and finds your skin age and skin health score. Your skin health score provides a confidence score for you to measure and assess facial skin status by analyzing common skin problems, like acne, dark circles, and spots. We’ve combined a powerful deep learning algorithm with advanced face recognition technology to bring you this smart feature.

To access the Skin Analyzer, simply enter the QSun app homepage and click on the Camera icon located at the bottom of the page. Snap a photo of your face and the Skin Analyzer will instantly analyze it. Don’t forget to share your photo with your friends and family by clicking the Share icon at the top right of the saved photo.

Download the latest version of the QSun app and let us know what you think about the new feature. Have fun analyzing!
Buzz around beauty gadgets and devices tend to come and go quickly — articles get written, sponsored posts show up on your timeline, YouTubers use them once in a tutorial, and then they vanish. I assumed this would be the case with the Wayskin, a Korean skin analyzer that calculates your skin’s moisture levels and sends the results to your phone through Bluetooth. But it seems I was wrong. I first noticed the Wayskin around a year ago, and have continued to notice it pop up around my Explore page and in my group chats ever since. Unlike other beauty technology — like the Clarisonic brush or the NuFace — the Wayskin is a measuring device, telling you straight away how well your products are moisturizing your skin.

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It is a method of using deep learning techniques combined with the expertise of dermatologists to accurately quantify the skin – the latest in skin diagnostic methods. Its appearance according to the doctor’s experience, so that skin treatment farewell to the history of past medical experience, can accurately and quantitatively diagnose skin conditions. It provides doctors and patients with more accurate, clear and easy-to-understand skin diagnostic reports for more effective skin treatment and treatment, including:

1. Dermatological module that can detect skin diseases such as sensitive skin, dermatitis, acne;

2. Skin evaluation module, including wrinkles, spots, pores, moisture, elasticity, texture, acne

3. Skin attribute module, including skin age, facial features , score evaluation, etc.;

4. Contrast analysis module, can be used to visualize the comparison results of the two test results before and after;

5. Report module, according to the user test results summary data, provide corresponding skin care recommendations, precautions, product recommendations and other data;

6-speed module, store customer information, fully follow up the customer skin management workstation;

7. Solution module, according to the inspection results, input the merchant product according to the customer’s suggestion;

8. Set the module to support cloud storage, multi-account management, remote and More convenient management functions.
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